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Welcome to South Oxon Car Club

 We exist to provide, promote and support grass roots club motorsport to all levels of competitor from beginner to seasoned campaigner.

South Oxon Car Club was started by a group of motorsport enthusiasts. We are a car club based around everything to do with cars and motorsport and we organise local events.  All competitors are welcome at all events. We have competitors taking part at all levels from beginners to experts and semi professionals. Being an active club, South Oxon Car Club members are regularly out and about helping to organise and marshal events both locally, nationally and internationally.

Whether you just want to watch motor sport, talk about it, or get involved as a competitor, marshal on events we can provide the opportunities for it all!

Please view our events and latest news pages for the all the updates.

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SOCC are back with a BANG..!

South Oxon Car Club held their first Autotest on Sunday 5th July after the Covid-19 lockdown rules and restrictions were relaxed to include the relaxation to UK Motorsport.

With some serious measures in place, the club were adament that the event was to run, and boy what a day we had.

With the weather on our side and the introduction to what appears to be our new normal way of life for the time being with social distancing rules and sanitations stations all in place!


SOCC - Latest update

We are back up and running!

Motorsport UK CEO Hugh Chambers talks all things SOCC with Club Founder Robert Hall at the July Autotest.

The July autotest had a strong entry of 13, with entrants travelling from Birmingham and across the County to get their Motorsport fix after 5-6 months!

At the top all day, Will Oldroyd had a strong pace from the start, leading all the way through to take the win, closely hounded by James Hall in 2nd over all and 1st in class. 1st novice was swept away by Chris Kent in his Seat Ibiza and 1st in Class B was Mike Authers in his beautifully prepared Classic MG Midget.


SOCC are delighted to announce round 3 of the Charlie's Travel Autotest Championship

The "Bill Gwynne" Autotest - NOW FULLY BOOKED SORRY!

In ture SOCC fashion we have hit the ground running and are pleased to announce our second autotest since the relaxing of lockdown measures.

It is with pleasure to announce the latest and most special venue to date as we are welcomed to the world’s first professional rally driving school track, the  Bill Gwynne Rallyschool.

The Bill Gwynne rall School has given great dirt-kicking rally driving experiences to tens of thousands of drivers for nearly forty years!

This will make you smile, we’ll make you sweat and we’ll make you smile some more!

Regs and entry out now - please follow the link below

Latest News, Events & Club Updates


Motorsport UK - Latest News 09/07/20

Motorsport UK gives green light to Rallying Thursday 09 July 2020 Motorsport UK has today (Thursday 9 July) announced that the discipline of Rallying will now restart in the UK following the distribution of the governing body’s latest sporting guidance.

Motorsport resumed across the British Isles on Saturday 4 July with 12 events signalling the resumption of motorsport after a 110-day sabbatical, due to the coronavirus outbreak. There are a further 160 events set to be held throughout July, across eight different motorsport disciplines with British championships also resuming in August.

Following the successful restart of motorsport last weekend, Rallying will now follow suit, as Motorsport UK moves into the next phase of getting the sport back on track.

Single and multi-venue, closed road, navigational and road rallies can now begin to resume under the latest guidance. 

A brief overview to some of the many types of events available to SOCC members

Auto Solo & Auto Tests

AutoSolo in the United Kingdom is a form of Motorsport-based around the principles of autotesting, the main differences being that the tests are run in a forward direction only and are usually slightly faster and more open than traditional Autotests. Courses are usually larger than those for Autotesting, and as the courses are laid out to run in one direction

Autotesting involves a series of tests, generally around traffic cones, to measure precision driving skill. The tests often include stopping with the front and rear wheels straddling a line, and always end stopping in a garage (usually marked out with cones). Sections of each test are usually completed in reverse. Cars involved can be standard road cars or ones specially built for autotest. In either case, the sport is cheap, with entries to events usually costing between £8 and £25.[citation needed] Autotests can take place on either grass or hard surface. Grass Autotests are popular for club events as they are more gentle on tyres and transmissions. Many Clubs run their Grass autotests without any reversing. Championship Autotests in the UK are normally on a hard surface.


Targa Rallying

Targa rallying is a real test of driver and navigator; the driver needs to tackle the test/course as quickly as possible but they cannot do it without the navigator who tells them where to go. Targa rallying may not be one of the most well known forms of rallying, but using standard cars and a cheap entry level of motor sport, they are rapidly becoming more popular. They are easily accessible to anyone with a road car and driving licence. How does targa Rallying work? A targa rally comprises of a driver, navigator and a car. A targa rally is a long test/course, normally taking a few minutes per test to complete, defined by cones or pylons. The crew are provided with test diagrams which show where to go and which side of the cones to pass, and the navigator tells the driver where to go. Sounds easy? The crew need to ensure they go the right way, the driver cannot hit any cones for that will incur a time penalty and this all has to be done as quickly as possible. It's a real test of driver skill, navigator skill, communication and team work. The winning crew is the crew who completes all of the tests in the lowest aggregate time. Targa rallies can take place on tarmac or loose surfaces such as gravel or fields and normally take place at a single venue over one day.


12-Car Rallies

A 12-car rally is a type of car rally, often run by motor clubs as a simple and strictly amateur form of the sport. 12-car rallies are run to Navigational Rally rules, which are based on navigational skills rather than speed, and with usually a notable social element too. In the United Kingdom, the rules for 12-cars are governed by the Motor Sports Association UK (MSA)[1] and are as follows: Maximum of 12 competing vehicles per event (hence the name) Generally only standard road cars permitted, not fully prepared cars (this is at the discretion of the organising club, but is widely upheld) Maximum 30 mph average speed only "Plot 'n' bash" navigation only No timing to the second permitted, only to the previous minute "PR" (public relations) work as necessary if the route affects residential areas, this is as for a road rally but the requirements are not quite as strict. Police to be informed of the event, though route information does not need to be submitted and approved Route authorisation must be granted from the MSA's local representative.



Historic Rallying

Historic rallying is all about recreating the challenge and excitement of competing during the ‘golden age’ of rallying, using cars that were rallied from the 1950’s through to the 1980’s. It is one of the most affordable and friendly forms of motorsport available today. There are five different types of historic rallying you can take part in. Scenic Tours (which are non-competitive), Road Rallying, Endurance Rallying, Hill Climbing & Sprinting and Stage Rallying (which are competitive). All have many different things to offer depending on how you want to use your car, what kind of driving experience you want, and how competitive you want to be, but all are great fun.

Auto Test 28th December 2019

Auto Test 28th December 2019

Auto Test 28th December 2019

Golf and a pint at Waterstock 19th Jan 2020

Golf and a pint at Waterstock 19th Jan 2020

Golf and a pint at Waterstock 19th Jan 2020